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Gardening & Landscaping

Every client's site is unique. Your garden should resemble what you envision. With a splash of beauty and an alluring array of greenery, there are many favourable outcomes to having your own custom designed landscaped garden! What does your perfect garden look like? From start to finish, your garden should resemble what you envision. Allow us to meet the expectations of your imagination and provide you with garden landscaping that matches your idea of perfection. The creative side of landscaping allows for the combination of design, skill and personal preference. It involves an interaction between you and your landscape designer, with an outcome of a uniquely designed garden suited to you.

Peace and tranquility are yours. Installing a water feauture enhances the value and shape of your entire property. Add an element of peacefulness by attracting bird and animal life into your garden with a uniquely installed water feature. Modern-day gardening is incomplete without an attractive water feature. Water features not only add to the beauty of your garden, they attract birds and other small animals and is a source of comfort after a long day at work. Our specialty in water features starts with a selection of water pools and ponds, fountains and waterfalls, cascades and even meandering streams.

Driven by Passion

We take great care in every aspect of our business, from design to installation, from construction to maintenance. Effort is made to satisfy and meet the requirements of our project and wishes of our clients. Our workmanship is of the highest standard. No matter what the task, from home to the work place, we strive to achieve the highest design and installation standards, resulting in ultimate satisfaction.Our combined skills and services allow us to focus on the detailed aspects for a beautiful garden. We pay attention to colours, hues and light variations. We have the ability to incorporate skill, love for green things and to produce attention to detail designs.

General Maintenance

A day job from Monday to Friday leaves you with not much time fixing up your home or premises, and the last thought is to sacrifice your weekend to get around to perform these odd jobs, where you would rather want to spend your time with family and friends. A single call to Busy Life will bring a professional solution to your doorstep, to take care of your maintenance and repair problems.

Busy Life takes pride in the workmanship delivered and will treat your premises with respect. In addition, our transparent pricing system guarantees that there are no hidden costs.We therefore offer you a service giving you peace of mind and the assurance that whatever we do for you, will be done in a professional manner and in the shortest time available within budget.

We Offer Property Maintenance & Repairs like General Building, Steel Work (Security Bars, Palisade Fencing, Driveway Gates & Car Ports), Painting, Tiling, Woodwork, Swimming Pool Maintenance, Plumbing and also Electrical Installation & Repairs. Just to name a few. For any other service that is not listed, do not hesitate to give us a call and we will try to assist you.

Some Of Our Services Include

But Are Not Limited To:

Landscaping & Gardening

Instant Lawn
Garden Services
Computerised Irrigation Systems
Tree Felling
Rubble Removal
Compost & Top Soil

Electrical Services

Lightning Protection
Installations & Maintenance of Appliances

Home Renovations

All Areas Of Building
Kitchens & BIC's
Aluminum Door & Window Frames
Swimming Pool Services


Robert 6 January 2020

Rikus, John and Suzette came to our rescue right before Christmas. I was in a dire need for a garden service and despite it being their last day before they planned to go on leave, they managed to fit us in. They are very professional hard workers who put a lot of care into our garden. I used to hate the state of my garden, and now I am proud of it


Nthabiseng 11 December 2019

The services rendered are very good and at a very reasonable price. They do more than what is expected and agreed upon. They are very reliable and keep to the schedule irrespective of the weather. Excellent customer service and are professional.